RUN TNC 002: The Wal-Mart of Ridesharing

RUN TNC 002: The Walmart of Ridesharing banner | @runtnc

This week, in the second episode of RUN TNC, we say goodbye to a fellow driver killed on the job, discuss where our bottom price falls, dashcams, Jeffrey gets in an accident, we issue a threat to Steven Colbert, and Weekly Feedback (Civil War style.)

The GoFundMe page for Thor Anderson can be found here. Also on this week’s podcast, Fallon is super excited to announce her new dashcam. She mentions some resources. Here is a comprehensive guide. For those too lazy to read the WHOLE article, like Fallon… Here’s a bullet list of what to look for in a dashcam:

  • Micro SD
  • Continuous Recording
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Collision detection (G Force)
  • Day AND night recording

Also in this week’s episode…

  • That Game that Shan’t Be Named
  • Crackheads
  • Christian considers becoming the “pink zebra Lyft”
  • Robot cars and a whole lot of speculation

NOTE: This episode was recorded before Lyft dropped their prices in response to Uber’s price cut. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our reaction in our upcoming minicast.


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