Who is RUN TNC?

Jeffrey, host of RUN TNC


With a love of Star Trek, chopsticks, and stomping out driver fraud, Jeffrey is the host of RUN TNC. He believes that hard work always pays off and as a rideshare driver, has an obligation to promote road safety and to never let a passenger down. Driver since May 2014. Contact: jeffrey@runtnc.com



Christian, panelist at RUN TNC


Christian “Senator” Perea hails from sunny San Diego, using his sharp wit to tell it like it is. When not driving he likes to kick it with a beer and hang out with his lady friend. A contributing writer at The Rideshare Guy since 2015. Driver since June 2014. Contact: christian@runtnc.com


Fallon | @runtncFallon

Fallon is from Oklahoma, but has always known San Francisco to be where she belongs. She came to rideshare to shed the stress and to feed her true passion, which is connecting with people. When she’s not behind the wheel of her beloved Jeep, “Bruce”, she’s hanging out on her boat in Oakland with her dog, Tru. Fallon enjoys doing stand up comedy, smoking fancy cigarettes, making her own dresses, and playing an embarrassing number of hours of video games. Fallon’s professional background is in drafting and 3D modeling in the civil/structural engineering industry. Driver since November 2014. Contact: fallon@runtnc.com

Kris with a K | @runtnc


We’ve been told Kris used to work on a fishing boat and also went to culinary school. Today, he is seen wearing a sweater and gym shorts, and is ready to jump in his vehicle on a moment’s notice to chase that next 200% ride. Resident “Mr. $3000.” Driver since April 2014. Contact: kris@runtnc.com