FAQs about the RUN TNC team | @runtnc

When did the podcast launch?

Our first episode was released on January 5th, 2016.

How long have you been drivers?

All of us for 1 year+.

What city do you drive in?

San Francisco, CA

Which service do you drive for?

Lyft and Uber. RIP Sidecar.

I’m a driver, can I be on the podcast?

Right now we’re at capacity for panelists but you send your comments or questions to our contact form. If we hear something juicy enough for the ridesharing community, we’ll talk about it in an appropriate podcast episode.

I have a crazy story for Storytime with Fallon. Will you tell it on the podcast?

Send an e-mail to Fallon at fallon@runtnc.com. Remember that not all stories will be told on air, and it’s up to Fallon’s discretion if its even funny enough to go live.


Additional Questions can be directed to our contact form.