RUN TNC 004: I Can’t Wait to One Star You!

RUN TNC 004 - I can't wait to 1 star you! | @runtnc

In this week’s episode, the gang goes at it again with the price cuts, Lyft gives drivers twelve million bucks, no more water for inconsiderate passengers, and where the heck is Jeffrey?

Also in this week’s episode…

  • Producer Jose gets¬†behind the mic and talks about the “Jose Challenge”
  • Christian pays way too much for Lyft Lines than he should
  • Kris’ Kreepy Craigslist Connections, The Big Apple Edition (NSFW)
  • Fallon and her 5-star reflex
  • Weekly Feedback¬†gets a jingle


As usual, we always look forward to feedback, comments, and 5 star ratings so we don’t get off boarded. Comment below!

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