RUN TNC 005 : We Are Turning Into Cab Drivers

RUN TNC 005 - We're Turning into Cab Drivers

In this week’s episode Jeffrey is STILL in China, Jose only rates 5-3-1, Fallon thinks we’re all cabbies, Christian comments on the looming protests, Kris talks Uber AM surge, and no one thinks rideshare drivers are educating themselves- like at all.

Also in this week’s episode…

  • Jose is an asshole
  • Kris’ Kreepy Craigslist Connections goes to LA
  • Christian says, wanna help the protest? Take a day off
  • Fallon defines cisgender and what that means to her


As usual, we always look forward to feedback, comments, and 5 star ratings so we don’t get off boarded. Comment below!

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